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Admitting Your Feelings To A Crush

Great, you joined a dating site, met a gorgeous local woman online, connected and took it to the next level, offline dating. You realise you have developed a strong crush on her, but the cat seems to have got your tongue! Well relax, it is only natural not Hollywood where the hero is super confident and has the girl drooling over him, without having to say a word. Admittedly sharing your inner most feelings is daunting with the fear of rejection always looming large in the background. But then that does not mean you live your life with an unrequited love!

You do not want to end up like a lovelorn guy with a broken heart just because you did not sum up the courage to tell her! The fact is if you have feelings for the lady you have to share them with her. Do not expect her to wear the pants and make the first move. While trends are changing, the fact is maybe because of tradition the man makes the first move in revealing his feelings. All it takes is the right place, time and ambience to share your innermost thoughts about her with the lady in question.     

It is only natural to be nervous so that does mean you bottle up your sentiments and put a lid on it. Remember delaying the subject, might lead to another romantic swashbuckling guy stepping in, sharing his feelings with bravado and sweeping her off her feet! Ouch, that would surely hurt, all because you never shared your feelings when you had the chance to do so.

Tips to break the news to your online partner

Cut to the chase: Get down to business as if your life depended on it. To an extent, it does anyway when you are in love. Just be your natural self. You do not have to propose to her by belting out a romantic ballad (unless you are a great singer). Keep it simple and basic, what you see is what you get approach. Do not pretend to be another person, set the stage by being yourself before you actually break the ice to her.

Be smooth: In the run up to revealing your feelings keep it smooth. It could be through small talk or complimenting her for something you genuinely like about her. It could be as simple as a comment about the way she carries herself or her love for pets. These basic conversations will set her heart aflutter and also give her a hint that you are romantically interested in her. At times these work far better than a direct approach of course unless you have gauged her emotions and are confident she will respond to your overtures positively.

Take her out: If she is willing and happy to accompany you on a date or dinner in town, she is comfortable with you. The ball is in your court and she is probably in the know that you have romantic feelings for her. If you are aware of her likes and make it a point to care for her preferences it will set the stage to convey your feeling with a greater probability of a positive response.

Conversation Starters On A Date

What’s the strangest part about going on a first date? The fear of the awkward silence, when either of you having no idea what to say. We understand that. It can be scary to just say something to a person you’ve just met but don’t worry we have some safe pointers for you to try out, and once you get the hang of these really easy ones, it’s just practise, practice and them some more practise.

Times tested tips to impress your partner

Old is Gold: You’ve seen this one in the movies. A guy slides into the barstool next to this lady whose super easy on the eyes, and he does some smooth talking. He introduces himself, she does the same, they talk for a bit, and voila! He leaves the bar, with either her digits on his phone or her on his arm, being all chivalrous and dropping her off home.

All he did was go up there and introduce himself. That’s all it took. I know it’s not that easy, but it can be done. Just take a deep breath, and maybe, just maybe, sometimes, a tad bit of liquid courage might help!

Comment about the environment: It is always said, the best time is always, here and now.  Even though it is undeniably tough to talk to stagers, do it. That is to say, the best place to start a conversation is right where you are.  Take advantage of the fact that you two are together and that place and at that time.  It’s best to begin with where you are, as research suggests to break into a conversation. Maybe the weather outside, the food or the bartenders mad juggling skills, or the awesome band that’s playing tonight, anything.

Be curious: When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not easy to talk about random topics, you cn never be too sure if they like what you do or do not. It’s best to use this opportunity to learn from them and about them what you can. Get them to talk about themselves, their experiences, likes and dislikes. You’ve to make sure of two things though, it can’t be a completely one sided conversation, you have to contribute some; and two, the questions you ask should show you nosey and in their business, but just as eager and wanting to know them

Be generous with compliments: To get off to a desired, smooth start, make sure you start off with something positive. Talk to them, and while doing so, look for things, to offer them sincere compliments over. Not those overly cheesy ones please! Or maybe just one! But remember, sincere meaningful compliments go way longer than any of those short sighted ones. The art is to give compliments is the most interesting yet normal way, without coming off as weird.

Online dating has definitely made finding local partners and dating a lot less stressful. However, even once you are dating a local woman you need to play your cards right to make the relationship go a long way!

6 Things People Hate on the First Date

Nomatter whether you’ve been using a dating site in the UK to find a date or you’ve just met in the street/mall/bar, etc. there are things that people hate on the first date. It doesn’t matter if the date is going fine or something is not going the way you would like to, make sure to avoid the things mentioned below for a successful first date and get the amazing experience.

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself

The first date is the time to know more about the person you are attracted to. This will help you figure out if you two could work out in the long run. If you keep talking about yourself you will miss the opportunity to know or understand the personality of your date. Also talking too much about yourself shows you are not interested in the other person. Even if you have a great profile on a dating site, you may have a hard time having relationships when you brag about yourself continuously.

2. Expecting the guy to pay

Ladies if you go out on the first date expecting the guy to pay, it might not be the right mindset. Even if it was the guy’s idea to go out try to make an offer to split the bill. Expecting the guy to pay makes him think you are not willing to put the same effort as he is. After all, you are both equals, so why not do the same when it comes to payments. It doesn’t have to be 50-50, just make an effort to pay for something else. It shows you care.

3. Being late

So you both agreed to meet at 7:30 pm, why then are you just leaving your home by 7:30 pm? The longer you keep someone waiting the more he or she loses interest in meeting you. Also being late gives a bad impression and shows you have some terrible manners.

4. Being on your phone

It’s true that most millennials are addicted to their phones. But when it’s time to meet your date, you should keep your phone away. Instead, focus on the person sitting in front of you. Texting other people on a date is just rude and shows that you are not interested in being on the date.

5. Talking about your ex

Don’t talk about your ex, plain and simple. It does not matter whether you are saying bad or good things about your former lover, it still sends a bad message. When you keep ranting about your ex, it makes you look like you are not over him or her. If you are not over your ex, there is no point of being on the date.

6. Complaining about everything

Yes, the food is not what you expected. The location is far from what you wanted. But at least the person put some effort. And maybe the whole date is turning into a disaster but you don’t have to complain at every moment. Try to find something positive so you can enjoy the moment. Remember no one likes someone who likes to whine about everything.

The first date is a chance for you to get to know local singles more. The first date gives you the opportunity to leave a positive impression on your date. It allows both of you to tell if you want to continue dating a person or not. Try to be who you are and simply be positive to share geat vibes.

How To Become A Magnet For Women

Some people have this ability to be a ‘chick magnet’ but not everyone is so. But it’s much more than looks that go into finding a partner. Being level headed, financially secure matter, but there are certain characteristics that draw women and girls to a man, and they’re easy to learn. The trick with these tips is that they have to be used cleverly as in a way that the women should not be aware that these ploys are to attract them. Flawless execution means lovely dates. Get to it!

For those that find it a challenge to meet and chat with local women offline, online dating is a great option. When you join an online dating service you get to meet women looking for men. The best part is you get access to local women most of which you would have not come into contact with through conventional offline dating.    

Three tips to attract singles

Look your best

When you meet a person for the first time, the thing that strikes is the appearance. One must look their best to tick that box, but the important thing is to keep the naturalness in the appearance. The clothes you wear shouldn’t portray that this is not your natural self and is made up. It just adds another level that the girl has to work through to get to the real you.

Maintain eye contact

Eyes are said to be the most expressive. They are the key to taking it forward the relationship. Eye contact suggests confidence and a feeling of wanting to know the other person better. Any person interested in you, will return that eye contact. It has to be that sort of eye contact that gives her questions to answer, wanting to open up to you, and not that kind of contact which has her lowering her head to avoid your gaze. You nail this, and you’ve hit the home run!

A positive attitude

Confidence is the masterstroke. Most of the time a guy is the one who should have the confidence to approach the woman. Because even if the girl takes the hots to you, she’d probably want you to make the first move.  Making that first move is crucial. You want to make her feel important, and you also want to be yourself, as in, not be fake. One must look at confidence versus arrogance. Everything from your clothes to where you take her out, how you behave while you’re out and on what terms you part, everything must be down to earth and confidence at the same time.

These are just a few basics techniques by which you can become like a magnet that attracts women in droves. Follow these simple trump cards and ace the date!

Why Having a Comprehensive Profile Is Essential for Online Dating

The dating website members’ profiles play important roles in making the site administrators give the dating service effectively. These profiles make it easy for single men or single women to find single counterparts for dating.

Profiles – a stepping stone to finding a love companion

Profiles play an important role in linking single men and single women in relationships. Among many roles, profiles help to define the subscriber. This might be a man looking for a woman or a woman looking for a man for dating; whatever the case, the profiles bear a picture of the member, and some description about them.

It also helps by saving time you would take trying to look for information about the member. But once you read about them through their profiles it becomes easy to know what concerns them and it is done in a matter of minutes.

The picture gives an idea about the appearance of the searching single. It is better to develop an idea of dating someone at least if you have a clue on how they look like; short, tall, light complexion or dark and any other physical appearance. This helps in making a decision.

Profiles help bring together people with same likes and dislikes and you are free to choose the person with the qualities you wish to find in your dream partner. It is a brilliant idea of the dating sites to display profiles of searching personals because they match singles perfectly.

Profiles are an awesome way to verify searching singles. They help to minimize scammers because measures are in place to verify the right people.

Profiles simplify the task of searching singles of having to choose from those many options available for dating. If there were just contacts of singles it would be so laborious to check as many as possible, contact them all until you interact with one that seems right for you. With profiles however, you can even choose one or a few whose profiles impress you and you interact with them and choose the best one.

Likely Loopholes to Guard against in Profiles

Every upright system has loopholes too. It is orderly to be aware of them and take precautionary measures. Some of those that come along with profiles include using pictures which may not bring out exactly the members appearance. It may look better or worse than the real person and make you regret later for your choice.

One may write a description that sells them when in reality there is nothing like what is given in the description. The site administrators must be more critical in their ways to develop these sites so as not to frustrate their site users.

Through the profile, you cannot get to know the physical defects a person may possess. Therefore you may just fall by what hits your eyes from the picture and when the actual meeting time comes you get frustrated.

Conclusively, profiles have been so wonderful in the online dating programs. They have simplified the task of single men looking for women as well as single women looking for men to date. However, those in charge of dating service on the dating site need to be more watchful and minimize the likely shortcomings that may arise with the use of profiles on these online dating arrangements. You can check here to know more on how to make a good profile for a dating site.