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Admitting Your Feelings To A Crush

Great, you joined a dating site, met a gorgeous local woman online, connected and took it to the next level, offline dating. You realise you have developed a strong crush on her, but the cat seems to have got your tongue! Well relax, it is only natural not Hollywood where the hero is super confident and has the girl drooling over him, without having to say a word. Admittedly sharing your inner most feelings is daunting with the fear of rejection always looming large in the background. But then that does not mean you live your life with an unrequited love!

You do not want to end up like a lovelorn guy with a broken heart just because you did not sum up the courage to tell her! The fact is if you have feelings for the lady you have to share them with her. Do not expect her to wear the pants and make the first move. While trends are changing, the fact is maybe because of tradition the man makes the first move in revealing his feelings. All it takes is the right place, time and ambience to share your innermost thoughts about her with the lady in question.     

It is only natural to be nervous so that does mean you bottle up your sentiments and put a lid on it. Remember delaying the subject, might lead to another romantic swashbuckling guy stepping in, sharing his feelings with bravado and sweeping her off her feet! Ouch, that would surely hurt, all because you never shared your feelings when you had the chance to do so.

Tips to break the news to your online partner

Cut to the chase: Get down to business as if your life depended on it. To an extent, it does anyway when you are in love. Just be your natural self. You do not have to propose to her by belting out a romantic ballad (unless you are a great singer). Keep it simple and basic, what you see is what you get approach. Do not pretend to be another person, set the stage by being yourself before you actually break the ice to her.

Be smooth: In the run up to revealing your feelings keep it smooth. It could be through small talk or complimenting her for something you genuinely like about her. It could be as simple as a comment about the way she carries herself or her love for pets. These basic conversations will set her heart aflutter and also give her a hint that you are romantically interested in her. At times these work far better than a direct approach of course unless you have gauged her emotions and are confident she will respond to your overtures positively.

Take her out: If she is willing and happy to accompany you on a date or dinner in town, she is comfortable with you. The ball is in your court and she is probably in the know that you have romantic feelings for her. If you are aware of her likes and make it a point to care for her preferences it will set the stage to convey your feeling with a greater probability of a positive response.

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