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Conversation Starters On A Date

What’s the strangest part about going on a first date? The fear of the awkward silence, when either of you having no idea what to say. We understand that. It can be scary to just say something to a person you’ve just met but don’t worry we have some safe pointers for you to try out, and once you get the hang of these really easy ones, it’s just practise, practice and them some more practise.

Times tested tips to impress your partner

Old is Gold: You’ve seen this one in the movies. A guy slides into the barstool next to this lady whose super easy on the eyes, and he does some smooth talking. He introduces himself, she does the same, they talk for a bit, and voila! He leaves the bar, with either her digits on his phone or her on his arm, being all chivalrous and dropping her off home.

All he did was go up there and introduce himself. That’s all it took. I know it’s not that easy, but it can be done. Just take a deep breath, and maybe, just maybe, sometimes, a tad bit of liquid courage might help!

Comment about the environment: It is always said, the best time is always, here and now.  Even though it is undeniably tough to talk to stagers, do it. That is to say, the best place to start a conversation is right where you are.  Take advantage of the fact that you two are together and that place and at that time.  It’s best to begin with where you are, as research suggests to break into a conversation. Maybe the weather outside, the food or the bartenders mad juggling skills, or the awesome band that’s playing tonight, anything.

Be curious: When you meet someone for the first time, it’s not easy to talk about random topics, you cn never be too sure if they like what you do or do not. It’s best to use this opportunity to learn from them and about them what you can. Get them to talk about themselves, their experiences, likes and dislikes. You’ve to make sure of two things though, it can’t be a completely one sided conversation, you have to contribute some; and two, the questions you ask should show you nosey and in their business, but just as eager and wanting to know them

Be generous with compliments: To get off to a desired, smooth start, make sure you start off with something positive. Talk to them, and while doing so, look for things, to offer them sincere compliments over. Not those overly cheesy ones please! Or maybe just one! But remember, sincere meaningful compliments go way longer than any of those short sighted ones. The art is to give compliments is the most interesting yet normal way, without coming off as weird.

Online dating has definitely made finding local partners and dating a lot less stressful. However, even once you are dating a local woman you need to play your cards right to make the relationship go a long way!

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