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6 Things People Hate on the First Date

Nomatter whether you’ve been using a dating site in the UK to find a date or you’ve just met in the street/mall/bar, etc. there are things that people hate on the first date. It doesn’t matter if the date is going fine or something is not going the way you would like to, make sure to avoid the things mentioned below for a successful first date and get the amazing experience.

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself

The first date is the time to know more about the person you are attracted to. This will help you figure out if you two could work out in the long run. If you keep talking about yourself you will miss the opportunity to know or understand the personality of your date. Also talking too much about yourself shows you are not interested in the other person. Even if you have a great profile on a dating site, you may have a hard time having relationships when you brag about yourself continuously.

2. Expecting the guy to pay

Ladies if you go out on the first date expecting the guy to pay, it might not be the right mindset. Even if it was the guy’s idea to go out try to make an offer to split the bill. Expecting the guy to pay makes him think you are not willing to put the same effort as he is. After all, you are both equals, so why not do the same when it comes to payments. It doesn’t have to be 50-50, just make an effort to pay for something else. It shows you care.

3. Being late

So you both agreed to meet at 7:30 pm, why then are you just leaving your home by 7:30 pm? The longer you keep someone waiting the more he or she loses interest in meeting you. Also being late gives a bad impression and shows you have some terrible manners.

4. Being on your phone

It’s true that most millennials are addicted to their phones. But when it’s time to meet your date, you should keep your phone away. Instead, focus on the person sitting in front of you. Texting other people on a date is just rude and shows that you are not interested in being on the date.

5. Talking about your ex

Don’t talk about your ex, plain and simple. It does not matter whether you are saying bad or good things about your former lover, it still sends a bad message. When you keep ranting about your ex, it makes you look like you are not over him or her. If you are not over your ex, there is no point of being on the date.

6. Complaining about everything

Yes, the food is not what you expected. The location is far from what you wanted. But at least the person put some effort. And maybe the whole date is turning into a disaster but you don’t have to complain at every moment. Try to find something positive so you can enjoy the moment. Remember no one likes someone who likes to whine about everything.

The first date is a chance for you to get to know local singles more. The first date gives you the opportunity to leave a positive impression on your date. It allows both of you to tell if you want to continue dating a person or not. Try to be who you are and simply be positive to share geat vibes.

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