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How To Become A Magnet For Women

Some people have this ability to be a ‘chick magnet’ but not everyone is so. But it’s much more than looks that go into finding a partner. Being level headed, financially secure matter, but there are certain characteristics that draw women and girls to a man, and they’re easy to learn. The trick with these tips is that they have to be used cleverly as in a way that the women should not be aware that these ploys are to attract them. Flawless execution means lovely dates. Get to it!

For those that find it a challenge to meet and chat with local women offline, online dating is a great option. When you join an online dating service you get to meet women looking for men. The best part is you get access to local women most of which you would have not come into contact with through conventional offline dating.    

Three tips to attract singles

Look your best

When you meet a person for the first time, the thing that strikes is the appearance. One must look their best to tick that box, but the important thing is to keep the naturalness in the appearance. The clothes you wear shouldn’t portray that this is not your natural self and is made up. It just adds another level that the girl has to work through to get to the real you.

Maintain eye contact

Eyes are said to be the most expressive. They are the key to taking it forward the relationship. Eye contact suggests confidence and a feeling of wanting to know the other person better. Any person interested in you, will return that eye contact. It has to be that sort of eye contact that gives her questions to answer, wanting to open up to you, and not that kind of contact which has her lowering her head to avoid your gaze. You nail this, and you’ve hit the home run!

A positive attitude

Confidence is the masterstroke. Most of the time a guy is the one who should have the confidence to approach the woman. Because even if the girl takes the hots to you, she’d probably want you to make the first move.  Making that first move is crucial. You want to make her feel important, and you also want to be yourself, as in, not be fake. One must look at confidence versus arrogance. Everything from your clothes to where you take her out, how you behave while you’re out and on what terms you part, everything must be down to earth and confidence at the same time.

These are just a few basics techniques by which you can become like a magnet that attracts women in droves. Follow these simple trump cards and ace the date!

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